Father Simon Gaine, OP

Fr Simon Gaine was born in London in 1968, and began studying theology in 1987 at Oxford, where he became a Catholic in 1989. He received his doctorate (on the Neo-Scholastic theology of uncreated and created grace) in 1995, and the same year entered the novitiate in Edinburgh. After studies at Blackfriars, Oxford, he was Catholic Chaplain to the University of Edinburgh from 2001 to 2003, after which he returned to Oxford to teach theology, where he was also Vice-Regent, and then prior from 2006 to 2009. After two years at St Dominic’s, London, where he was subprior, he became Regent at Oxford in 2012. He is the author of Will There be Free Will in Heaven? Freedom, Impeccability and Beatitude (2003) and Did the Saviour See the Father? Christ, Salvation and the Vision of God (2015). He is about to begin writing a textbook on theological anthropology.

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Maius est illuminare quam lucere solum, ita maius est contemplata aliis tradere quam solum contemplari

Il est plus beau d’éclairer que de briller seulement ; de même est-il plus beau de transmettre aux autres ce qu’on a contemplé que de contempler seulement

Saint Thomas d’Aquin, Somme de théologie (ST IIa-IIae, q. 188, a. 6, co.)

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